What is a v.one?

It's the first version of your ideal app.

Have you ever used Airbnb? If you haven't used it yet, you've definitely seen their ads. They're all over the place! Their website and app are so good that they are the go-to case study for anyone interested in learning how to design an app. And their brand has become a household name all over the world. No wonder they are now valued at billions of dollars.

But things didn't start out that way. Did you know the company started by 3 people renting out air mattresses out of their apartment in San Francisco? Did you know that for a while they only accepted cash for payment? The first version of their website looked nowhere close as what they have know. And the first version of their app, was based almost entirely on a craigslist integration and did not have any of the beautiful UI they are known for today.

Fast forward a few years later and Airbnb is rocketing ahead, even leaving legacy industry giants in the dust behind. The lesson? Get your app out into the real world as soon as possible! The first version of your app won't be perfect but it will be the first step in your journey to success. And what better place to start than v.one.

These are the 3 most important elements that the first version of your app needs.

And this is how v.one provides you with all you need to create
the best first version of your app 👇



Airtable is described as a "spreadsheet on steroids." We couldn't agree more. All you have to do is clone our template database into your  v.one and unlock the power of relational databases, automations and more.


The design tool loved by millions. With our Canva integration, you can design icons, logos, backgrounds, and any other assets and import them right into your app. It all happens right inside the builder!


The most powerful visual development tool. With our Webflow integration, you can instantly pull any CMS item (blogs, products. etc) into your v.one app. You can also turn your Webflow store into an app.


Turn your Shopify store into an app. Easily bring your Shopify products (and more!) into v.one with our integration. Use push notifications to alert customers of promotions and deals. Increase revenue by driving engagement.


Your WooCommerce becomes a mobile app in one click. All the e-commerce features your customers are accustomed to, in one click.


The most trusted payments infrastructure for the internet. Connect your Stripe account with our builder to create one-time payments, memberships, and in-app purchases. You keep all the money on all your earnings.

Publish your app to the web in minutes

In a matter of minutes you can have a fully functional app live on the internet. Start testing, iterating, and creating. And when you're ready publish it to the App Store in a few clicks!
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There is a one-time $99 USD to fee to publish to the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own Airtable?

We will provide you with our own database template. It’s super simple to set up. That’s the only database we can connect to at this time. If you have an existing Airtable that you just can’t do without, send us an email: support@yourvone.com to see what we can do. 

Can I use third-party APIs?

One thing we no-coder are pros at doing is connecting APIs together. Unfortunately, that’s not an option in v.one right now. The good news is that we have a Zapier integration coming soon! That will allow you to extend the functionality with automation.

Do you have sign-in with social media?

Not right now. However, we do have the ability to have a login/signup page. It’s super easy to set up! Learn how to do it here.

Can I turn my Webflow website into an app?

Yes and no. We can’t import your designs from Webflow into v.one. But we can turn your Webflow e-commerce page into an app in one click. We can also pull blog content and anything else you have in your Webflow CMS.

I'm still not sure if v.one is the right tool for me?

Send us an email with your questions: support@yourvone.com We’ll probably be able to figure it out via email but we might also do a discovery call. You can also check out NoCodeCEO to check out reviews of other no-code tools.

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