Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of apps can I build?

This is completely up to you. We have had apps ranging from "Instagram for food," to marketplaces, to membership subscription apps, to a plethora of dating apps. It really is up to your creativity as a maker, truly. We have built this so that if you can design it, it can be published, made functional and with a database. Not creative but still want an app? No worries, we have 1:1 build sessions to show you how it's done. Check out some of our example apps here.

What happens to my app if I cancel?

We have built our platform with the non technical maker's (no coder) journey in mind. When you have a tech team of your own or just want to push the pause button, no worries. You can walk away with your source code at any time, but there are no refunds. Just go to publish and then hit the export source code button.

Do you do iOS and Android?

Our focus is on web based mobile apps that work on desktop.

I’m still not sure if is right for me, what can I do?

Just try it for FREE. No worries. See if you like it. You can even LAUNCH for FREE.

Can you help me build my app??

Of course! Head over to our Support page where you can watch past livestreams of our Support Happy Hour where we take our users' questions and turn them into fun learning opportunities. You can also visit our help desk to find an article related to the topic you want to learn more about. And last but not least, all of our customers in a Pro plan can submit questions via email directly to our inbox. It's all in the Support page so check it out!
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