Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know, and more.

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Can I use my own Airtable?

We will provide you with our own database template. It’s super simple to set up. That’s the only database we can connect to at this time. If you have an existing Airtable that you just can’t do without, send us an email: to see what we can do. 

Can I use third-party APIs?

One thing we no-coder are pros at doing is connecting APIs together. Unfortunately, that’s not an option in right now. The good news is that we have a Zapier integration coming soon! That will allow you to extend the functionality with automation.

Do you have sign-in with social media?

Not right now. However, we do have the ability to have a login/signup page. It’s super easy to set up! Learn how to do it here.

Can I turn my Webflow website into an app?

Yes and no. We can’t import your designs from Webflow into But we can turn your Webflow e-commerce page into an app in one click. We can also pull blog content and anything else you have in your Webflow CMS.

I'm still not sure if is the right tool for me?

Send us an email with your questions: We’ll probably be able to figure it out via email but we might also do a discovery call. You can also check out NoCodeCEO to check out reviews of other no-code tools.

What kind of apps can I build?

This is completely up to you. We have had apps ranging from "instagram for food," to marketplaces, to membership subscription apps, to a plethora of dating apps. It really is up to your creativity as a maker, truly. We have built this so that if you can design it, it can be published, made functional and with a database. Not creative but still want an app? No worries, we have 1:1 build sessions to show you how it's done. Check out some of our example apps here.

What happens to my app if I cancel?

We have built our platform with the non technical maker's (no coder) journey in mind. When you have a tech team of your own or just want to push the pause button, no worries. You can walk away with your source code at any time, but there are no refunds. Just go to publish and then hit the export source code button.

I see there's a fee to publish to the app stores and to export code? Why?

Simply put, it costs bandwidth to run builds through the app store and to publish source code. In addition, this can be looked at as a built-in quality control. We want makers to think about when they publish or export and not press publish a million times (this has happened when we didn't charge). So, in a manner of speaking the $99 fee is our first line of defense from publishing garbage and ruining existing relationships (again, this has happened).

I’m still not sure if is right for me, what can I do?

Send us an email with your questions: We’ll probably be able to figure it out via email but we might also do a discovery call. You can also use the VideoAsk feature in this page and leave us an audio or video memo.

Why is there no free trial?

We're working 1:1 with early users to craft an awesome experience for everyone else. We're not like other no-code builders. When you sign up for, you sign up to be part of a community of dedicated entrepreneurs. Having said that, we will be opening up a free trial version of our builder, you can sign up to the Request Access form to be notified when that is released.