Most no-code builders focus on building complex apps for the sake of complexity.

We place our focus on monetization, usability and speed.

Forward-looking entrepreneurs and non-technical founders love how easy it is to create amazing apps using our builder.

Why do people love

Super easy and fun to use

Our builder offers a delightful and intuitive drag-and-drop experience.

Data in & out and Design

Everything you need to collect data, display it dynamically and create beautiful designs.

It takes only 15 minutes

You can easily connect to a database, build an app and push it live in 15 minutes.

Building apps is cool. But making money is way cooler.

There are way to many app builders out there that are bloated with features that are hard to learn. Our builder strips down the complexity to the bare minimum while focusing primarily on the most important thing: making sure your app makes you $$$.

You're not stuck with us forever.

Unlike other platforms, we don't lock you in forever. Our plans are annual which means we give you an entire year of access to the builder and to our support. You can decide at anytime to take your source code and extend your features with the help of a developer.

We make it way too easy to build an app.

Our builder has no learning curve. So it allows you to spend a minimum amount of time focusing on the build and more time focusing on all the other work of being a tech entrepreneur.

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