Progress Over Perfection

March 11, 2021

Progress Over Perfection

This is our 5 values at It's an ideology that when followed, will dramatically increase the results of your business. Too often, prospective entrepreneurs remain blocked behind a wall of inactivity. Inactivity is the result of being overwhelmed, uncertain or fearful of taking the next step, and not taking the next step is usually due to a desire to perfect that next step. That’s where progress comes into play.

What is Progress?

Progress is the belief that any step taken toward advancing your company’s goals is more beneficial than time spent trying to perfect each specific step. Being “progress” focused as opposed to “perfection” focused allows you to see your goals and do what you can with what you have to achieve them. Who cares if you don’t have all the right tools or technology at your disposal? You have the ability to take an action, however large or small, each and every day, and by virtue of taking said action, you will push yourself incrementally closer to achieving your goals.

Stuck in the Details

Whatever your venture is, trying to perfect it can be a true inhibitor to your forward progress. It’s easy to get stuck overthinking small details, wasting valuable time on things that may change, rather than doing all you can to achieve your goal, and embracing the changes that you’ll inevitably be required to make. In short, incremental steps toward your goals are infinitely more beneficial to you and your success than staying stagnant as you try to perfect one leg of the journey that will only end up changing over time anyway.

Think of it like this: you’re cooking a soup for your lover and you want it to be perfect. You’re spending a considerable amount of painstaking time to ensure that every part of the soup is just as you want it. You wait in a long line to buy the exact brand of salt you’re looking for and you take an even more amount of care and time chopping up vegetables and measuring them to ensure that all of your carrots and celery pieces are all exactly an inch length. Sounds a bit ridiculous? It is. Especially considering your lover is not going to know the difference - nor care - if the vegetables are 1.2 inches or if the salt you purchased costs $5.99 versus $4.99. The point is, when it comes to your goals - in this case, making a good soup - the product is what’s important and getting to making a soup as quickly as you can will allow you to iterate on all the ingredients once you have a soup to iterate on. Otherwise, you’ll spend lots of unnecessary time preparing a soup that may never see the light of day.

Why No-Code Is Smart Progress

No-Code is the future of coding. And while it may take a minute to learn the system and acclimate yourself to the technologies that power it, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by integrating No-Code into your business as quickly as possible. No-code is a cost-efficient platform that enables non-technical entrepreneurs to build their dream app using a graphical user interface as opposed to enlisting the services of a CTO or costly development company. It’s just one more step that will aid your journey and bring you more closely aligned to the idea of “progress over perfection.” Explore your no-code options utilizing YourVOne’s no-code app builder today.

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