No-Coders Are Coders Who Cannot Code

March 11, 2021

No-Coders Are Coders Who Cannot Code

Do you think you have what it takes to be a no-coder? If so, you’re right. You do have what it takes. Learning how to no-code is something for both coders and non-coders alike. Experience is not necessary. All that is required is a desire to learn and a desire to build cool tech.

Sound scary? It is! No new worthwhile endeavor is absent of a little fear. But if you can muster up the courage to try something new - in this case, no-code - you’ll not only begin to build your dream tech, you’ll have learned a valuable skill in the process, and will actually be able to call yourself a no-coder.

 How No-code makes it possible

 Think of no-code as a system of drag-and-drop-widgets, where each widget provides a specific functionality for your mobile app. You get to choose what widgets you want and how you’ll use them, which makes the process much more akin to baking a cake. That’s right, a cake. You might have a recipe in mind (your app), but you lack the ingredients (no-code widgets). Understanding no-code is really about understanding what you want and how you want it, and then choosing the specific options - aka no-code ingredients - to get you there.


You’re a coder now

 What’s that? You just started building your mobile app using no-code? Congratulations! You can now call yourself a coder. How can that be, you ask? You don’t know any tech. You’ve never built anything until now. But that’s the beauty of learning and understanding no-code. Once you understand how it works and apply it to your ideas and creations, you’re well on your way to understanding one of the fastest growing skill sets in the entire tech community.

And that’s what’s so cool about no-code. If you have an idea for a mobile app that you just can’t stop thinking about, no-code provides you with the tools to turn your dreams into reality. You’ll finally be able to implement your vision, all while using a form of non-traditional tech, which is also something you’ll become proficient in. No-code is one of those things where the more you use it, the more proficient you become, and the better you’ll be at bringing your app idea(s) to life.

Why No-Code Is Smart Progress

No-Code is the future of coding. And while it may take a minute to learn the system and acclimate yourself to the technologies that power it, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by integrating No-Code into your business as quickly as possible. No-code is a cost-efficient platform that enables non-technical entrepreneurs to build their dream app using a graphical user interface as opposed to enlisting the services of a CTO or costly development company. It’s just one more step that will aid your journey and bring you more closely aligned to the idea of “progress over perfection.” Explore your no-code options utilizing YourVOne’s no-code app builder today.

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