If Apps Were Cheap Enough

March 11, 2021

If Apps Were Cheap Enough

If mobile apps were cheap enough, what would you build? What would you create? Perhaps you’d create a platform that addresses world hunger, or maybe you’d build a technology that becomes the next unicorn, like an Uber or Lyft. Maybe you’ll build an app that helps tackle the challenges faced by Coronavirus, or maybe you’ll create a new method of ticketing for artists who want to perform digitally. Whatever the application is you wish to build, it’s now infinitely more possible thanks to no-code.

What’s no-code you ask? A cost-efficient platform that enables non-technical entrepreneurs to build their dream app using a graphical user interface as opposed to enlisting the services of a CTO or costly development company.


How no-code makes it possible

What’s fueling the no-code revolution as a cost efficient option to create mobile apps is the fact that users don’t need to know how to code in order to build with no-code successfully. This is because the no-code platform utilizes more visual-based elements, like drag-and-drop technologies, which combine to form pre-built modules that allow users to put together their dream app in record time, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer or tech team.

Why no-code is cheap enough

Really it comes down to speed and cost, and no-code helps you reduce both the time it takes to build your app as well as the resources it takes to build it. Take app development, for example. With no-code’s modulars, time and money you would have spent in development is greatly reduced because you’re essentially working with “code roadmaps” and “code blueprints” that have taken care of most of the heavy lifting. This frees up your schedule - and bank account - to continue working rather than planning.

No-code is also extremely cost effective when it comes to making tweaks and changes to your app. With traditional forms of coding, excessive tweaks and changes to your tech not only result in a higher bill - and fast - they also can become a headache for you and your tech team working on the product. With no-code, tweaks and changes that once took months and years to make now take mere hours. The dramatic time change means that you’re not shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars if your app has to change - which it inevitably will - and instead allows you to begin the journey of doing what you want to do - in this case, build your dream app - by being able to start a build with far less capital than is traditionally spent.

The no-code advantage

 No-Code is the future of coding. And while it may take a minute to learn the system and acclimate yourself to the technologies that power it, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by integrating No-Code into your business as quickly as possible. It’s just one more step that will aid your journey and bring you more closer to building your dream app. Explore your no-code options utilizing YourVOne’s no-code app builder today.

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