NoCode Hackathon

For Underrepresented Founders.
Monthly on a rolling basis.

Our Why

In recent months, the entire world has gone virtual. That means you, as an entrepreneur, need to have an online presence.

That's where we can help.

We are launching a free No Code Hackathon for underrepresented founders.  Hackathon participants get access to our app builder for free for 72 hours and our tech support so you can put together an app without having any coding experience.

On top of that, you get to hear from great speakers like Tara Reed and Erin Carpenter about building a business.  All for the price of... FREE.

Oh, and did we say that the most upvoted app created during the hackathon wins a $500 prize?

Featured Speakers

Tara Reed

Founder, Apps without code

Erin Carpenter

Founder, Nude Barre
Design with ease

For Underrepresented Founders.

The challenge is open to all developers, startups, tech enthusiasts, and more from high school and beyond!
One Click Launch

One Goal.

Our mission is clear, helping underrepresented founders lacking capital and technical knowledge.

Easy to Use.

Build out your ideas with no matter how complex without code and put your curiosity to the test!
Need something?

Network with Others.

Meet other founders with the same ambition and goals, you never know when you may find a co-founder!
Earn Money

Solo Founder Freedom.

You move at your own pace, you are not tied down by a lazy CTO or high development costs!
Training & Best Practices

Build Something that Lasts.

Just because you built it in 72 hours doesn't mean it has to be over! Continue to build after the competition is over!

The details:

  • Monthly on a rolling basis.
    You are an underserved founder
    You'll get free access to v.one for 72 hours.
    You can build any app you want using our app builder.
    Submit your app & vote on your favorites below.
    Winner takes home $500.
V.One Iphone Example

Join the v.one NoCode Hackathon for Underrepresented Founders

Build. Vote. Win $500!