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Workout Buddy

Workout buddy is a workout assist application that helps you to workout without going to the gym. Just like a buddy knows everything about you and suggests you the best workouts in a gym, in this app you can enter your skill level and the equipment that is available (If any) while you are working and based on that the app will suggest you the best workout plans based on your goals and help you do the workouts with the help of demo videos and alerts about the most common mistakes people do while doing those exercises to make sure that you do the them properly.


Igasem app is a ride-hailing app that will connect professionals and match them according to their nearby destinations and same interests, through this app you can find new acquaintances. This app will also provide the best route for your travel.


A social media application that you can review and vote on movies. With MovieW, you can see your friends' favorite movies, create a watchlist, socialize with new people through reviews.

Moze Music

Moze music is music from your heart to your playlist! We are a blend of music, health, and tech. Where we combine how you're feeling and what you're doing to determine what you want to listen too, and curate perfect playlists. We also are creating a community around music so you can connect with your friends to share music and moods.

Digital wallet app

This is just wallet app that allows you to pay and also transfer money between friends.


Moov showcases the most exciting music festivals. This app helps music lovers discover new artists, check lineups, and watch online. Vote for Moov, get everyone moving!


Winvest is an app to explore the investment portfolios of Super Investors. This app provides in-depth details of the Stocks held by Super investors who are mainly involved in the long term investment. This app will also help to compare your portfolio with your favourite Value investors.

My Fitness Buddy

With 'My Fitness Buddy' you can workout with your friends from the comfort of your home. You can track other users' workout plan and make friends if your plans match. Not only does it track stats from your workouts and encourage you to complete challenges, but it also lets you challenge your friends. My Fitness Buddy can inspire you to get fit alongside the thousands of other users on the app.


TarotCharot app gives you access to tarot readers who provides live reading and consultation

Blax Fridays

The BlaxFridays App is a directory and marketplace that fosters a community for blacks and allies (non-minorities) to support the movement by making it easier to find and directly support Black-owned businesses. The framework allows for 1 new cause to be featured every Friday, and a percentage of profits raised will be donated to different charities. In the spirit of the charity-focus of this app, if we are voted a winner in this hackathon, a local BlaxFridays chapter app and prize-money awarded, will be given to one lucky individual who helps us share this with the world, by liking, commenting, and sharing this post.


Guidance connects Advice Givers with Advice Seekers. Advice Givers determine how much they want to charge for their services, and after they connect with Advice Seekers for a session, each user rates their experience.

Circular App

Circular App is an upcycling community for members to: share upcycling inspiration, buy and sell upcycled goods and to find charity stores, garage sales, scrap yards and other reuse centers.


sell anything, literally anything

Cash Count

Cash Count is a simple tool for people who want to keep track of their money and those small transactions that slip through the cracks. Make your own weekly/monthly budget goals and track your progress. This can bring to light any bad spending habits or give peace of mind for future purchases. This app's easy and quick-to-use interface keeps things simple and eliminates the hassle of tracking your money.

Line Buddy

Line Buddy is there to help you fight long lines and social distancing during these crazy times. Who would of thought that standing in a grocery line now almost feels like you're waiting for the best Black Friday deals! Check your local store and be able to see their store capacity, the wait time, and how many people are in line. If there is a line, that's what your buddy is there for. Simply just press the button "Put my Buddy in Line" and wait for your turn safely in the comfort of your car.

Mad Snacks

When the munchies strike, you open the Mad Snacks app to find your nearest hunger haven. 🍔

Discover Discomfort

Discover Discomfort is an app designed to push you out of your comfort zone through daily challenges. Challenges are categorized by various dimensions of personal development such as physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, and social.

COVID-19 Tracking App

The mobile application I made is a COVID-19 tracker app. COVID-19 affects everyone, so we need everyone to cooperate. This app tracks the spread of the virus, ensures everyone in contact with the virus gets tested and then due to the large amounts of statistical information and data available, preventative measures can be taken by health officials to combat the pandemic.


Truckie allows you to search and find food trucks in your area - find your faves or discover something new!


app for NoCode developers info, in first screen for developer to add his name and twitter account and short description about him, and second screen for display developers info


It's a platform for educators to find and submit ideas for the best tools for online learning. they can look for EdTech tools, rate them and share their own ideas

Somali For Kids

We are volunteers trying to revive the Somali language to the Somali diaspora around the world. Please support us by voting for us. If we win we will reinvest in v.one to develop this app further. This app is for anyone who want to learn somali language in a fun and interactive way. Composed of 3 units: Learn, Watch & Play you can learn the language through images and sound, watch traditional somali stories and stories from around the world in somali with subtitles and even play games to practice what you learn in a fun way. Thank you


It's an archery app so you can track your progress and get tips on different things. I thought it would be nice to have a place to log my progress and see how I've improved over time. I'm thinking of there being a target icon when you enter picture mode so when you take a picture of your target, it can line up to show you how many "points: you would score as well as track how precise your shots are.

Live and love💖

Its my first app and this is to live your own live,make you character,help ppl
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