December 28, 2020

EEC Winter 2020-2021 Hackathon

You're invited to participate in a Hackathon presented by the EEC in partnership with V One.
This Hackathon has ended!
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The details:

Up to $3000 in prizes up for grabs!
    • YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TECHNICAL to build a mobile application with V One!
    • Link to start Hackathon will be sent via email on December 28 - and will be live here!
    • You'll have between December 28 - January 11 to build your mobile application.
    • Upon submission, applicants will be involved in a voting process across the entire EEC with the opportunity to present your app in front of a panel of judges.
    • Have FUN. This is not like other Hackathons!
    • Only apps submitted before January 11 at 11:59PM will be eligible for voting and prizes
    • More specific details will be sent via email upon registration.
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V.One Iphone Example
V.One - The easiest way to build monetizable apps with no code. | Product Hunt

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EEC Winter 2020-2021 Hackathon

Up to $3000 in prizes up for grabs!
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